Eyelashes growth with Careprost

Eyelashes growth with Careprost

Who would not want longer and fuller eyelashes? Every woman envies the pop stars in magazines, which seems to have perfect lashes. But at the same time, it is pretty difficult to obtain the same look at home. The astonishing effect is usually obtained through fake lashes or extensions, which are achieved in professional saloons. Though they give you an immediate result, they take about 2-3 hours to be applied, and do not last very long, because they tend to fall in time. They are rather recommended for special occasions, because they would be difficult to handle and maintain in every day basics. Besides being more difficult to handle, they might as well harm your eyes. For example, the eyelash extensions are made of silk and mink, and the strip eyelashes and applied using glue. To avoid eyes health, it is better to choose a more natural method to grow eyelashes. If you do not want to opt for fake lashes and you are not a fan of mascara, you can always choose natural oils or special eyes drops especially created for this purpose.

careprostIndeed, they are many oils which are recommended in lashes growth and are less harmful than the fake lashes or extensions, but they still have some side-effects. For example, it might make your eyes look red and blurry. Otherwise, they are very easy to apply (using an old mascara brush).

Careprost are special eye drops indicated in the treatment for glaucoma, Hypotrichosis (short and small eyelashes) and irregular lashes growth. The active ingredient of Careprost is Bimatoprost (0,03%), also found in other medications for eye lashes growth, like Lumigan and Latisse. 

Careprost will give you the long, thick and dark lahses you have always wanted. When you start using Bimatoprost, apply it with dedication and confidence every night before you go to sleep. The results usually appear after 2-3 weeks, but it is worth the wait.Once you get the desired length and fullness, you may reduce the application to twice a week just to maintain the effects. If you permanently stop using Careprost, your lashes will come to their original state. This is why, it is better to maintain the results and continue, because not only you will have the lashes you have always dreamed, but also health lashes and eyes! Careprost is appreciated by women all over the world, who are happy with the results. They recommend Careprost use for at least 3 months. Also, for better effects, mascara and eye liners are not recommended during the process.

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