• V-firm (vaginal tightening cream) 30 gm
  • V-firm (vaginal tightening cream) 30 gm

V-firm (vaginal tightening cream) 30 gm


V-FIRM is a vaginal dryness cream to enhance female sexual performance. The herbal V-FIRM vaginal cream has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Through its soothing film, it forms over the mucous membrane of the vagina and thereby relieves pain and inflammation. The inflamed vagina and the cervix are ​​naturally calmed.

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Product name - V-firm (vaginal tightening cream) 30 gm


Qualitative and quantitative composition - 1gm of the cream contains Mimosa - 50mg Clitoria ternatea - 50mg; Symplocos racemosus - 50mg; Terminalia Chebula - 30mg; Quercus infectoria - 50mg; Tinospora cordifolia - 50mg; Alumen - 5mg.


Action mechanism - V-FIRM lubricates the inner walls of your vagina and tones the muscles around it. The cream increases your ability to secrete and draw natural vaginal lubricants. It induces the release of estrogen by stimulating the Bartholin glands, which improves vaginal lubrication and solves the problem of vaginal dryness during intercourse. Natural herbal creams for vaginal tightening are getting popular among women all over the world as it is a safer option with no specific side effects and it also acts quickly, giving fast results. This cream gives results in 5 minutes following application and you will observe G-Spot stimulation, tenderness, and contraction in your vagina.


Indication - This cream is indicated to restore vaginal lubrication during intercourse. It is a natural treatment for vaginal dryness and it helps in the restoration of vaginal elasticity and increases vaginal sensitivity. V-FIRM offers comprehensive youth and brings the vagina in its original shape and size. 


Mode of administration - Wash your hands thoroughly. Fill the applicator with the vaginal cream. Place the applicator on the tube, pull out the plunger as far as indicated, and gently push vaginal cream out of the tube until the indicated dosage mark is reached. It is important to note the exact dosage instructions in the leaflet of your medicine.

Remove the applicator from the tube and insert it deep in your vagina (as far it is going). This works best in the supine position with slightly tightened legs. In this position, the pelvic muscles are relaxed, and the applicator can be applied almost without resistance.

Once you have placed the applicator properly, gently deflate it on the piston. Take the empty applicator out of the vagina without pulling on the plunger, otherwise, the vaginal cream would be partially sucked back into the tube.

Dispose of used disposable applicators in household waste. Applicators for multiple uses must be disassembled after each use and carefully cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. Then rinse off soap residue with clear water and allow the applicator to air dry before using it the next time. Wash your hands thoroughly again at the end of the application.


Contraindication - Do not use the medicine, if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed above in the qualitative and quantitative composition section. Always consult with your doctor before starting your treatment. For topical use, most of the ingredients do not interfere with alcohol and other drugs. 


Special cautions and warnings - Do not use the medicine without the advice of your doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. The medicine has many natural ingredients and it is difficult to predict interactions and actions on individuals. 

Do not use it with other vaginal tightening creams in combination. Use it in a low dose at the beginning and if there no interaction or adverse reaction, continue with the usual dose amount. There are no adverse incidences of overdose.

There is no known interaction with alcohol, so you may have alcohol while using vaginal tightening cream. The cream does not cause dizziness and there is no habit forming tendency.

Do not use the medicine if you have exposed wounds in your vagina or the surrounding areas. Do not ingest the cream and avoid contact with the eyes.


Drug interaction - No specific drug interaction is known. But the medicine contains a lot of herbal ingredients that may interact with different substances and medicines you may be using. It will be a wise decision to consult with your doctor or pharmacists before using the medicine (particularly when you are taking medicine for other conditions) or tell them that you are using this cream when they are prescribing other drugs.

Side effects - It is claimed that the vaginal tightening cream has no specific side effects as herbal medicine. But many of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions to some individuals. Stop using the medicine if an increase in inflammation, redness, and itching of the vagina or surrounding skin takes place.


Interesting facts

  • Preferably apply the cream 10 - 15 minutes before the possibility of sexual intercourse. This will give you optimal results.

  • After a successful session of lovemaking, you can rinse inner areas of your vagina to wash-off the remaining V-firm cream. You may use clear, lukewarm water or body-washing antiseptic solution.

  • It gives you more confidence and pleasure in the intimate relationship that you may never have felt before.

  • Effective in the Treatment of Vaginitis, Cervicitis, and Leukorrhea

  • Has Antifungal, Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Relieves itching of the vagina and speeds up the healing process

  • Helps maintain a balanced PH balance in the vagina - very important for a normal level to maintain a healthy immune system.

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