• V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) 30 gm
  • V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) 30 gm

V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) 30 gm


V-Mark is a cream designed to prevent stretch marks from appearing and to make existing ones disappear. It has a mix of herbal components with anti-aging properties that encourages rejuvenation of the skin. This product contains only natural ingredients, which makes it safe to use for everyone, especially pregnant women, and without any significant side effects.

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Product name - V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) 30 gm

Qualitative and quantitative composition - It is a herbal mixture and the major components are Olive squalene (derived from olive oil); Vitamin E; Vitamin A Palmitate; Vitamin D3; Pro-vitamin B5; Aloe Vera Extract; Grapefruit Seed Extract etc.

Action mechanism - V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) increases the production of collagen and elastin thus decreasing the appearance of stretch marks. V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) contains vitamin E and other natural herbs that stimulate the skin to regenerate and produce elastin and collagen. This enables the cream to lessen fine lines, slackening skin, and stretch marks. It also helps in decreasing pigmentation and scar formation on the skin. It promotes better collagen synthesis.


Indication - V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) is indicated to remove stretch marks, skin scars, or on slackened skin. It can also be used to remove pigmentation of the skin.


Mode of administration - Take an ample amount of the cream and apply it on the stretch marks and surrounding areas. Apply gently with a circular motion and continue rubbing till it is well absorbed.

The duration of the use strongly depends on the severity of your stretch marks and the type of your skin. However, it is always advisable to follow a treatment over a few months to ensure the complete disappearance of stretch marks.

The regeneration time of the skin cells is about 28 days. So, it is unlikely that you will get any positive results within 1 month of application. So, use the cream for a minimum of 2 months for the results to show.

If your stretch marks are severe and / or old, you may need to use it over a longer period.


Contraindication - Do not use V-Mark cream if you have allergies to any of the ingredients listed above in the qualitative and quantitative composition section. Always consult with your doctor before starting your treatment. 

For topical use, most of the ingredients do not interfere with alcohol and other drugs. It is advisable to keep a gap of 20 minutes between the administration of any other creams or moisturizing lotions on the same area of the skin. Do not use the cream along with other moisturizing lotions.


Special cautions and warnings - Do not use tV-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) without the advice of your doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. The medicine has many natural ingredients and it is difficult to predict interactions and actions on individuals. Use it in a low amount at the beginning and if there no interaction or adverse reaction, continue with the usual dose. There are no adverse incidences of overdose. Skip the dose if you forget one and continue from the next dose.

There is no known interaction with alcohol, so you may have alcohol while using this cream. The cream does not cause dizziness and there is no habit forming tendency. There is no problem with using heavy machinery while using this cream. 

Do not use V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) on exposed wounds, internal organs (inside your mouth, nose or eyes). Do not ingest the cream.


Interaction - No specific drug interaction is known. But V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) contains a lot of herbal ingredients that may interact with different substances and medicines you may be using. It will be a wise decision to consult with your doctor or pharmacists before using the medicine (particularly when you are taking medicines for other conditions) or tell them that you are using this cream when they are prescribing other drugs (for any medical conditions). Do not use the cream in combination with other anti-stretch mark creams or anti-pigmentation creams.


Side effects - As an herbal medical product, V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) has no specific side effects. But many of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions to some individuals. Stop using the medicine if an increase in inflammation, redness, and itching of the skin takes place. Numbness of the skin, headache, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest are other indications of an allergic reaction. If no improvement occurs after one to two weeks of application and stretch marks remain as it is, then stop using it further.

Interesting facts

  • V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) strengthens the skin, making it more elastic, boost cellular regeneration

  • 100% natural formula, no side effects to fear

  • V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) helps prevent and treat stretch marks, blur the stretch marks

  • Excellent on new stretch marks

  • It has the ability to prevent the future development of stretch marks

  • Your skin becomes healthier from the inside (at the level of the dermis and the hypodermis)

  • It can successfully remove both old and new skin scars and stretch marks

  • The composition only contains natural ingredients

  • V-Mark (anti-stretch mark cream) improves the moisture level of the skin and promotes natural recovery and skin elasticity

  • Can be used for pimples and acne as well

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